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The European left, the papers lost.

quetgles | 06 Desembre, 2016 17:56


The European left, the papers lost.






  European social democratic formations when governing, pretend to be good servants of capitalist corporations.


Thus, Tony Blair, at the service of the British Empire, scandalously, was promoting the invasion of Iraq. Thus, the government of François Hollande as shown effort server French Empire (French intellectuals have never claimed that empire).


      Spokesmen for these groups at any time, make declarations in support of the increase in European aid to African countries (How beautiful!); as if they were corporations that benefit from European dependence of African countries.


    To understand something: Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa (38% of the world total), but it is precisely Belgium and Ivory Coast, which manufactures chocolates.


   Neoliberal economists (the voice of his owner) would have us believe that there are some who are working and others who are unemployed (the Belgians would be working and the unemployed costaivorians). Economists neoliberals and social democrats in the service of corporations as if they ignored what was to be the special ability to become the kings of Belgian chocolate. Fan or not they knew the King of Belgium, Leopold II in, had the ability to be seized of the Congo as private property; amassed one of the largest fortunes in the world (Apparently it was very good entrepreneur).




     To understand something: The European corporations have not yet removed the imperial boot. The French empire (and the French army) remains indeed in most of its former African colonies. The Belgian chocolatiers can continue his skill at the moment.



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