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Metaphysics. The positivist trap. A warning.

quetgles | 29 Abril, 2016 09:38


                         Metaphysics. The positivist trap. A warning.

   The trap positivist in the sense that the various currents positivists (the positivism in particular) ultimately sold to assume that debates on questions of metaphysics do not lead to anything, since metaphysics is not possible as science. Positivists say: Put that metaphysics is not possible as a science, then we place the same level of disrepute various confrontations on questions of metaphysics.
      The trap: Once established this criterion positivists dare put the same level of value of all theories supposedly metaphysical truth.
    The trap, a typical example: They are at the same level balance theism and atheism (arguments to prove the existence of God and those who deny its existence).

    Let the thing.  Kant (idealist philosopher, but he did his empiricist argument of Hume), first declared the impossibility of metaphysics as a science, and then affirmed the existence of God as a categorical imperative.
   Let the thing. Certainly, no positivists affirm the existence of God, but override rational criticism to religious dogmas.
   Against this reactionary, following the path of Hume, you can see the post God does not exist. 16 tests (new edition).

   Yankee pragmatism (Peirce, James, Dewey) struggled in search of arguments in support of religious beliefs and the goodness of Reformed Churches (derivatives of Calvinism).
     The positivists mostly they tiptoe when it has declared to be respectful of religious beliefs. Tiptoe, in the sense that they try not to treat the subject line.
   Karl Popper is an exponent. He was hailed by neoliberals Corporations for his book The Open Society and its enemies, 1945. But should not daydream: The so-called open society is nothing that society shaped by neoconservative capitalist system. Freedom is the freedom of entrepreneurs, namely the freedom of capitalist Corporations '' to buy the world. '' Popper was in glove with the great guru '' neocons '' Friedrich Hayek.
    Let the thing: the neocons Yankees are burning defenders of the Reformed Churches in the USA. Promoting intelligent design (the creator God of the universe). Declare war atheism considered a threat to society.
   I repeat what I tell my writings is an image repeated in history, the Church - Churches - becomes an instrument of ideological domination in the service of the dominant social class, an essential instrument (you can see my post The catholic church, an instrument of Roman Empire.).

). .

 Good to know that the only notable exception to the rule was the Chinese civilization; certainly never had this civilization sacred books (God's revelation) or priestly caste. It was a civilization lay (Confucius was a moralist, in any case a prophet. If any section mentions God, this God is a distant God with which humans have no religion. This God never manifests, never relates him).
   Let the thing: We took it for granted that Popper was positivist, but behold, along with John Eccles, 1977, they released me and your brain work that seeks to provide arguments scientist to affirm the existence of sell something intangible to be immaterial and immortal human soul, God help me! Well, God did not call them anything, but, you know, where there is a spiritual flies encouraged '' Great Spirit ''.
   '' We have to be respectful of religious beliefs, '' said Wittgenstein. It is an attempt to shield against criticism of the Enlightenment (You can see the post Hayek and Popper).

      In Popper received the International Award of Catalonia, in 1989, from the President Jordi Pujol. It should not daydream: In Pujol was campaigning to promote the Catalan neoliberalism, neoliberalism sign Catholic, allied with the Catholic hierarchy.

   The warning: What must be clear is that, ultimately, the essential question is to discover what is the intention of hiding under a certain ideology, whether religious or philosophical. So, it is necessary to ascertain what the service or who is a philosopher, a theologian or a newspaper columnist.
   The notice for the beautiful souls: Media '' Western '' are subordinate to Washington. Should watch what they say means '' Eastern ''.
    The notice for the beautiful souls: should clarify what the great powers that can help (or save). And what struggling against our national and social rights.


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