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The US comes the nightmare.

quetgles | 17 Desembre, 2015 12:14



                              The US comes the nightmare.

       Quite simply grasping the thing:

        Means '' Western '' (those of capitalist corporations), without stopping, proclaim the goodness of the criminal agenda of the Empire.

    According to the agenda, the world is monopolar and those who do not submit to imperial designs, at least, should be punished.

    The United States and its vassals threatening half the world, economically and military. I moved wars at all times '' to preserve peace '' (Not in vain, the US president, Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize). The imperial bloc imposes its decisions without waiting for approval from the UN (Furthermore, everything suggests that the Empire controls the UN).

   In 1990, with the defeat of the USSR, the media corporations joyfully announced the start of Pax Yankee. But immediately they saw that the plans were not fulfilled.

     Since 2000, Russia was reborn from its ashes and China became a giant alien to the agenda of Washington. Furthermore, against all odds, the Islamic Republic of Iran remained defiant and alive.

    2015 has remained clear that the countries in favor of a multilateral world are more and more powerful.

    We know: Since the beginning of the century, China is the '' workshop of the world. ''
    China produces eight times more steel than the US; Chinese shipyards and ships ten times more than the Yankees.

    We know: China surpasses the US in number of engineers (four times). We also assume that exceeds the number of engineers high-tech (and high-tech military, too).

    We know: India also surpasses the US in number of engineers.
    Lately, it has become clearer that major Asian countries increasingly move away from the Yankee agenda and multilateral approach to the project. We mention Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh and others but between them highlights India.

   With the arrival of the nationalist Narendra Modi, India (third world economy) scores more distance from Washington and its approach to Russia.

    At the present moment, it seems that Russia has decided that it is time to stop the foot of the Empire. Russia has shown the letters of their game to defeat the US war in Ukraine and Syria.

     Against the dogma of religion imperial Russia and China are able to surpass the United States in high-tech military products.

    As an indicator, you can now watch news agency Fars on Russians providing military aid to Iraq. You can also see Syria Right to Hit NATO Warplanes .   Or Why US Navy Lags Behind Russian, Chinese Fleets.


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