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God does not exist. 16 tests (new edition).

quetgles | 28 Maig, 2014 18:56


                       God does not exist. 16 tests.

   Arguments to see the inconsistency intellectual theology .
  The Roman Curia and North America churches  are ongoing propaganda campaign to spread the concept of " intelligent design ", said of the dogma of the divine creation of the universe. Churches are ongoing ideological war . Their great campaigns aim to influence the masses , the people of the lower classes .
   This paper is a modest contribution of arguments to see the inconsistency of the supposed evidence for the existence of God.

    The classic tests to prove the existence of God invalidated from Hume and Kant.  In Hume Anglican theologians called him " Mr. Hume the atheist " ( By the way, could not prosecute because he was not a heretic , but declared agnostic ) . You could not put that label Kant , who was a fervent Christian believer : ''The Critique of Practical Reason'' , introduced again the concept of God as the moral imperative axiom .
   Empiricism as the hegemonic thought , it was established that metaphysics was not possible as a science , and therefore could not prove the existence of God . Positivism but did confirm the assumptions of empiricism and metaphysics was definitely marginalized in the world of modern science .
    But the Catholic Church does not support never, in any case , their errors related to philosophy and morality, in particular. Continue the current dogma of the infallibility of the Pope in matters of faith and morals. The Roman Curia continues to Thomas Aquinas as most doctor of the Church. " Philosophia perennis " is the name given to the philosophy of Aquinas. In seminars theological doctrines continue teaching and Aristotelian - Thomist affirming that God's existence can be demonstrated using reason.
  Made this preamble , I present a list of arguments that support the idea that God's existence is impossible .
One . Against the idea of ​​creation of the universe. Assume that God created the universe implies the following contradiction : would accept that something intangible - God - have existed eternally as a single substance , and "after " of this eternity , would have created a second substance matter . That is, the mind creates matter . That perfect God - according to the Aristotelian idea of perfection - that would have been imperfect , matter .

Two . Against the idea of the order of the universe. Where in the universe is assumed that there is an order and that God is the computer of the Universe. But modern physics introduces the concept of uncertainty . And Ilya Prigogine ( Nobel Prize in Chemistry , 1977) went further and explained the concept of the universe as chaos and as irreversible ; that is, not only should have the " Big Bang " - the initial chaos - but the universe today would be a time the initial explosion , the explosion continues to ripple today. A current physical is on the line. Therefore, if there is the supposed order of the universe , there is no God to have a computer.

Three . Against the idea of ​​perfection. The so-called degrees of perfection of nature are paradoxes that deny the principles of empirical science . Almost 2,000 years later, Thomas and the Catholic Church still insist on the idea of staggering overview of all beings according to this assumption degree of perfection . The Thomism deployed a system so that all things have to follow a hierarchy to levels unprecedented , as is the case of the angelic hierarchies . Positive sciences definitely broke the world hierarchies Aristotelian - Thomist . So the idea of ​​a supremely perfect being is a pure obsession .

4 . Against the idea of ​​prime mover . Contrary say textbooks and encyclopedias , Aristotle was not a scientist, nor had the slightest interest in the investigation of nature. We can state , categorically , that the " physics " of Aristotle is but a heap of nonsense issues of physics. In Aristotelian physics had several physical worlds with different physical laws . In modern physics , there is no " prime mover ."

5 . Similarly , physics does not distinguish between contingent beings and necessary beings .

6 . Throughout time people have believed in gods and spirits in evil forces . Today , thanks to the advances of studies ethnology , we know what social function fulfilled religions ; we know that were used to establish system requirements and prohibitions governing the life of primitive human communities . But today , in democratic societies , prescriptions and prohibitions are set (in theory ) by the will of the majority of citizens ; is, according to Emotiv moral and contractual . If democratic societies ignore the " will of God " , we can conclude that , in practice , these companies act as if they were atheists .
   I take this opportunity to let you know that Chinese civilization is ( and always has been ) an atheistic civilization : no official cult to a particular God , no holy books , no priestly caste , religious holidays without state ( The Chinese make no type of celebration of the resurrection , they make ''festival of spring''). .

7. Has not and never has been disposed of or via a method to experiment supposed supernatural phenomena as would be the physical sciences can not detect the phenomenon of so-called " transubstantiation ." Similarly, the alleged phenomenon " Paranormal " does not withstand analysis of experimental science .

8. Stories are where ancient wonders and miracles are happening constantly , so almost familiar. Show societies accustomed to the miraculous phenomena related to their beliefs. Indeed , the stories of Christians , the New Testament books , comes to moments of such intensity miracles like any other story that I know . For example : In " The Acts of the Apostles " , 5 , 12, referring to the apostle Peter , the narrator tells us that "In the hands of the apostles many miracles and wonders falling on the town ... I was growing more and more believers in the Lord ... to the point that they removed the sick in the streets and put in bunk baiards because, Peter spent at least his shadow fall on some of them . Likewise there was no a multitude of cities around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and tormented by unclean spirits , who all were cured . " As you can see , Peter did miracles in series, as it fits break ; enough to pass the street and shade it was enough to unleash a stream of miracles . I believe that their own " holy books " offer the best material to demonstrate the inconsistency of religious dogmas . The inconsistency of the " sacred books " , we can infer the inconsistency of belief in a particular God (On this subject, you can see my site Gospels , stories impossible). .
9. Argument of common sense : How is it possible to think that being the world's largest not be known ? It turns out that being powerful is not accessible through the sciences. And it is the administrators of religion does offer avenues of knowledge. Offer only "their holy books " and all stories equally improbable as the only "proof " of the existence of their god. .

10. Aquinas 40,000 theologians speak of " faith-based " as distinct from reason, but faith and reason , ultimately , must match. But they are not able to explain how you should act to follow the path of faith. Pascal proposes that what we do is behave as if faith , as if he believed in God, and thus to a certain point have real faith. But what arises Pascal is not what God and what " holy books " are the initial deposit of faith who is undergoing tests.

11. Epicurus did not deny the existence of gods , but said that the gods did not take care of men, since the bugs considered insignificant ; understood that a wise man must order his life as if the gods do not exist.

12. Epicurus But the approach is appropriate only in the Greek world . God of monotheistic religions , in their " holy books " can not say that men do not care . Rather , the God of the Bible is like a jealous God who wants men adore and love him . But besides the God of Jews and Christians, are the God of the Muslims ; and , further, the God of Hinduism, Buddhism , Shintoism , Jainism and others. It should be unacceptable for a modern mind the existence of a God who intervenes in history and yet fails to give signs of their identity .

13. The fact of the existence of so many people who do not believe in God is proof of its nonexistence . On this, the wicked ahead theologians say that " God punishes sin with his silence those who say they are proud atheists ." But what can be said about the children who were formally educated in atheism , as was the Marxist republics ?

14. Unacceptable to mind is formed within the modern existence of God , yet the existence of the so-called " holy books ." So , in my thinking , impossible to tell the stories of the " holy books " we must conclude that God does not exist .

15. , Or at least , that there is no God of Jews and Christians. According to the Bible , the main commandment of God would love him above all things . According to the Bible Biblical Foundation Catalan in " Exodus " , 20, 6 , says: " ... I , the LORD your God , am a jealous God , punishing the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me , but I do mercy to thousands to those who love Me and observe My precepts . " Contrary to the assumptions of the editors of " sacred texts ," the feelings of the people inside the sprout spontaneously . It is known that the feelings will not dominate , but , conversely, are the feelings that determine the will. To understand : Loving God is an impossible task ; One can not love something you do not know. Love can not be imposed by decree. To understand : if anything, the Biblical text should say something like " if you love me like you do ''.

16. Similarly alleged formal declarations of the God of biblical texts that made ​​modern sensibility seriously be considered as a proof that God does not exist . For instance particularly remarkable , " Exodus ," 22 , 19 "Whoever sacrifices offered to the gods , out of Yahweh will be exterminated ." According to the text , to the letter , all Hindus and Muslims should be exterminated . We can also see that the text does: " ... But if the servant declares love my master, my wife and my children , I do not go out free, then its owner will ... foradarà ear with a punch , and always will . "," Exodus " , 21.5 to 6 . Or also this other text , "If someone sells his daughter to a slave ... ", " Exodus " , 21 , 7. ( I must admit that , in many respects, the Koran is closer to moral sensitivity modern , especially regarding slavery and social issues . the Koran states that a Muslim can not have another Muslim slave ) .
   Against the existence of an " evil genius " or of a God who cruelly play with humans , I confess that I do not have such strong arguments , is an idea nonsense.

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