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Philosophy. Where is North in 2014.

quetgles | 23 Maig, 2014 18:04

                               Philosophy. Where is North in 2014.
     Currently, positivism (also called logical positivism and analytical philosophy) is the dominant philosophy in Europe; dominant philosophy in the sense that social institutions to accommodate their basic statements , and the greater number of philosophers who declare positivists (See the plans ministries of education reflect a positivist approach). .
    According to analytic philosophy, metaphysics can not be a science , so that the task of philosophy should be limited to the precise boundary of the scientific language .
      Accordingly , the field of application of philosophy would have been reduced as a xagrí skin , so it should not subtracted intellectual authority in relation to the social and moral issues .
         On this issue , we see qualques thesis .
       Thesis: The philosophies , without exception , are serving a social project that corresponds to the will of a particular social class.
        Thesis: Being that historical societies are divided into classes of conflicting interests which means that there is an ongoing class struggle , class struggle manifests itself in the form of ideological war . That is, the ideological war is ongoing and affects all societies.
    Thesis: The dominant ideology in a state corresponding to the ideological interests of the dominant class .
      Thesis: In antiquity and the Middle Ages, the ideological war caused all religious movements ( religious movements that otherwise prevailed , were declared heretics and persecuted for power ) .
      Thesis: In relation to ideological war in the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church make use of philosophy to ensure orthodoxy ( Philosophia ancilla theologiae of that applied).
     Thesis: Since the fifth century , it remained clear what the function of philosophy : the function to avoid ideological dispersion within the Catholic Church (ie , ensuring ideological control of the whole Christian ecumene).
   Thesis: positivists and neo as soon as they have made ​​the statement about the impossibility of metaphysics as a science , not being to deal secretly with passion and metaphysical questions (you can see a display of the statement my hair Wittgenstein , philosophy, mysticism).
      Thesis: Objectively , positivism and positivism are some philosophies that seek to end the ideological war , which deny validity to the criticism of the churches and to the capitalist system (Hayek , Popper and the gang in the Mont Pelerin met Santiago de Chile, in 1971 , to support general Pinochet).
       Thesis: Certainly , as they say these philosophers , metaphysics is not possible as a science . But let say what role do the metaphysical ideas and ideological conflicts derived. What these theorists are hiding their own beliefs and their passions .
     Against the central thesis of logical positivism , see the thesis : All human beings - including philosophers - deployed a moral and social behavior that starts from feelings derived from the metaphysical ideas .
       Thesis: Humans are forced to make a personal decision about the ideas and beliefs that has been in the family and if within their social environment . And decisions about their own personal experiences . These decisions are based on arguments that are in the field of morals or metaphysics .
   Thesis: Philosophy Philosophers do not know how to love , but driven by a passion, an objective moral society.
     You should know :  Wittgenstein was tormented by sexual passion ( I'm a lit stove , confesses her secret diary ) , failed in

their attempts to prevent masturbation . For more complication , a young homosexual who fell often promiscuous practices .
   Wittgenstein was also tormented by moral and religious concerns . For years, always carried with him the book of the Gospel Tolstoy , work that provides the path to secular sainthood .
   Thesis: positivism ( various positivism ) is the service of the ruling class .
   On one side fails to critique the capitalist system and, on the other hand , prevents the analysis of the sacred books , religious dogmas , morals and practices of the church.
      You have to know that social elites and political Yankees proclaim their allegiance to the Lutheran or Calvinist churches sign ( Mostly , the Methodist Church ) . Not in vain the presidents elected in speech making the presidency, proclaiming their loyalty to the founding fathers of the nation ( Refer to the Mayflower settlers , who emigrated from England and the Netherlands with the aim of creating a fully Calvinist society ) .
     You have to know that the Queen of England is the formal head of the Anglican Church .
     To be considered , as guidance : Karl Popper , one of the greatest philosophers laureates , in his book The Open Society and its enemies, the company argues that open countries are '' free enterprise '' and its enemies are fascists ( Nazis ) and Communists, in formation that puts them together .
     To consider: Popper , while assigned to the logical positivism is not writing a book arguing on moral and social issues , similar to other non- positivist thinkers .
    It is likely that many people are concerned by the lack of a philosophical reference is a solid foundation for a society liberated from capitalism .
   Perhaps even many workers consider that the thought of Karl Marx is a valid way to access a society of free and equal.
    On this issue we see qualques thesis .
     For thousands of years, societies of Europe were agrarian societies dominated by the aristocracy , the class of large landowners who reserved the military and political power . Ideological control was monopolized by the Catholic Church, the service of the aristocracy.
        Thesis should be understood , therefore, that during this long period there was no significant change in the official philosophical discourse . For over a thousand years , these societies were governed by moral and social norms were based on a unique philosophy.
    Thesis: With respect to the Middle Ages, to mention a whole string of philosophers , as do textbooks is a hoax , a hoax . The philosophers were supposed legions of monks or theologians departed not a shred of philosophy Roman official ( Agustinista until the thirteenth century Thomist , from the thirteenth century Thomist , but , yes, without denying philosophy N'Agustí of Hippo .)
    Thesis: The great social movements of that era were made in the name of religion , and could not be otherwise .
    Regarding this statement , you should know that the wider social movement of historic significance was carried out in the seventh century in the name of Islam, the new religion created by Muhammad (or , more accurately , by the broad masses Arabic ) .
     In relation to social movements in Christian Europe , is to highlight the Cathar religious movement in Aquitaine . Declared heretical , was settled by force .
    But Rome could not crush the movement promoted by Martin Luther .
        Thesis: Martin Luther promoted the first great revolution of modernity.
      Thesis: There were philosophers reformers (who advocated the reform of the Catholic Church ) who initiated the great social movement . Reformism of the most influential of them all , N'Erasme Rotterdam did not go beyond the circles of Catholic theologians and people cultivated .
      Highlights: N'Erasme eventually opposed the reforms of Martin Luther and allied with reactionary .
      A highlight : Were the ideas of Martin Luther that shifted Europe. The ideas of contemporary philosophers do not move anything.
     What shows how the broad masses when they are looking for an instrument for social change , fundamental thesis : Were the various classes of the Germanic areas availing Martin Luther to break free from the despotism of Rome .
     Located in another geographical area (Italy , for example) , Martin Luther posted his 95 theses were without almost nobody noticed, we suppose .
    It was the German aristocracy who earned Martin Luther . With the moral discourse of the prophet , the German princes were considered to have authorized their armies against the Emperor ( Carles ) and the Church.
      The small aristocracy and the bourgeoisie of the cities spread all over the Lutheran ideology . And the broad masses of peasants believed ( wrongly ) that it was time the seualliberament .
       Insisting : Martin Luther had a great intellectual capacity and dialectic , but it had this great capacity avail located in another geographical area. Social classes were the sisters who threw in their revolution against using the figure of Martin Luther .
       You can see a deepening of this issue on the website Martin Luther liberator .
      Returning to approach the need of a philosophy or ideology can unite the will of the broad masses must make some clarifications .
     For decades, revolutionary movements in most of the world were inspired by Marxism , social ideology used as reference .
      For example : For decades , the Communist parties of France and Italy had managed to bring together the broad working masses of large industrial areas ( in Catalonia Principality PSUC was hegemonic formation ) . From the 70s , accelerated loss of confidence of broad working masses . The growing information on the social and economic failure of the Soviet Union was the main cause of the ruin of the communist parties of Western Europe . The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 meant the confirmation of failure socialist ( communist ) .
      Moreover, socialist parties have stopped proposing alternatives to capitalism , so that support intellectual '' the free market economy .''
    You can also note the failure of European attempts to reconstruct non-Marxist revolutionary working groups ( as in the case of the anarchist formations ) .
     Started the new century , it is clear that no new proposals for an alternative to capitalism , or new leaders capable of mobilizing the working people against the plunder .
      Seen from Europe, it would seem that the working classes waits a long journey through the desert . But we must see that this pessimistic view is ethnocentric . The reality in the world as a whole is quite another . Let's see it.
        Means '' Western '' with the defeat of the USSR side of euphoria gave buried by the communist experience . It was the '' end of history '' , announced with fanfare by Francis Fukuyama .
      But Fukuyama 40,000 economists '' Western '' wandered . They closed their eyes to the new phenomenon which disrupts the world: the development of the Asian giant , China.
      While socialism in the Soviet Union was collapsing , the socialist model of China ( socialism with Chinese characteristics Deng Xiaobing ) displayed exorbitant economic growth . In 35 years, China has gone from being an underdeveloped agrarian society to an industrial society was . '' It has become the workshop of the world .''
     You should know : For 35 years , the rate of growth of the Chinese economy has remained the highest in the world ( around 10 %).
     Should know : Since the beginning of the century, China has become the world's first industrial power , well above the United States.
     You should know : The capacity building of China is something never seen before . In 35 years , 400 million people are now living in the new ultramodern skyscrapers that make up the landscape of Chinese megacities .
      You should know : The standard of living of the Chinese working class has grown at a rate parallel to the national GDP (ie , multiplied 35 times).
       In my post China , civilization vertical ( 1 and 2) explain in detail how this was possible deployment in China as extraordinary .
     Phrase socialism with Chinese characteristics , expressed by Deng Xiaobing , we extract the deep sense that moved the will of the broad masses of Chinese . Socialism , referring to the desire socialist ( socialism under the leadership of the CPC ); with Chinese characteristics , in the sense that the Chinese have taken several classes the desire to build a powerful Chinese state .
    To understand the particular history of contemporary China must know : that the workers were not big cities ( where there was the greatest concentration of industry ) who formed battalions of the People's Liberation Army of Mao Zedong , but the broad peasant masses . Challenging the direction CCP , 1931 , Mao deployed its strategy , according to which the class of farmers should be the basis of the revolution ( Indeed, as predicted Mao , revolutionary workers' organizations in Shanghai and Guangzhou were annihilated government ) .
        And you should know that the broad masses of Chinese ( the different social sectors ) remained traumatized and marked by oppression suffered by the great powers (Russia , England, America , Germany, France and Japan ) to throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ( particularly criminal was the attempt to dismember China and Japan to annex territories ) .
    In response to the genocidal practices of the occupants , the Chinese nation created and deployed two major nationalist , the Chinese Nationalist Party ( Kuomintang ) and the Chinese Communist Party , no other political alternative .
    You have to know that those Chinese peasants while fighting against the army of Chiang Kai -shek against the Japanese army and , following Mao's revolutionary program of reform : to requisition land of feudal lords and do distribution among the peasants .
   What has to do with the history of Chinese philosophy ? , You may wonder readers .
        Answer: It has to do with the philosophy that the social and economic success of China sends a message to the world by making it clear that Marxism in the Chinese way is the alternative to the capitalist system .
      Indeed , sends the message to the world that China is the core fundamental thesis , which holds that the North 2014 is determined by the orientation given the large Asian nation .
      Detailing the issue : 1) economic growth ( and growth in all social orders ) in China has surpassed the U.S. for the past 36 years. 2) Xiaobing reform has not weakened at all the socialist structure of society ( The CCP has more than eighty million members ) . 3) The bank and the largest industrial companies continue socialized . 4) the broad masses of Chinese feel they own the development of the nation. 5) The broad masses have personally experienced the profound social revolution : 's been living in a backward agrarian society into an industrial society for highly specialized . 6) As an indicator : The Chinese society has as four times more engineers than the United States. 7) The rate of unemployment in China is one of the lowest in the world ( is between 4 and 5%). 8) Do not know if it's due to Confucianism , but the fact is that the Chinese share of the prison population is seven times lower than the U.S. ( 118-737 per 100,000 people, respectively).
         China today has become clear that socialism ( Deng model , at least ) than capitalism in almost all social orders . And why is a guide to the North in 2014. Should assume that the broad masses of workers around the world , including the imperial nations have seen Chinese society as a model to imitate .
      But there is another consideration that is crucial . Since the beginning of the century, China has become the world's first industrial power . And, according to the OECD, is the world's largest economy in 2016.
      Thesis: Once China becomes a world power , it must be assumed that the reactionary and imperialist countries ( USA, England, France, mainly ) will have a major difficulty curb social demands of their masses workers .
    Although China remains the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of nations (which is practiced so far) , why not cease to be effective its positioning with respect to international conflicts ( like , for example, China is has been opposed to the Yankee military policy against Syria , and has also increased its purchases of Iranian oil , thus weakening the sanctions illegal imposed against Iran by the U.S. ) .
      Thesis: We assume that once China has become the first major world power , the mainstream of the broad masses moving towards a world socialist ( This will be your north , hopefully ) .
     It is unthinkable that in Catalonia became the Principality to give a dispersion of forces working as happened in 1936-37 so that the formations were divided against ERC CNT and the anarchists , PSUC (then Stalin ) , the POUM ( trotsquista ) , and other smaller groups .


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