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Metaphysics. Kant. Men and dogs.

quetgles | 23 Maig, 2014 09:47

                              Metaphysics. Kant. Men and dogs.

          According Immanuel Kant , time and space are innate ideas of man. And consequently, the phenomenon ( sensory impressions ) phenomena are a product determined by the ideas of time and space of humans.

     The Kantian a priori seemed irrefutable : No human eye there are no visual sensations . And no innate ideas of time and space , not be possible , the sensations .

   It seemed perfect, if not leaving aside the fact that animals mostly have feelings too . Deduce that dogs should also create the phenomena and, therefore, would have innate ideas of space and time. Dogs , but the flies , for example . So, one could argue that the flies have innate ideas of time and space, and that these innate ideas of flies are superior to humans , since, as we know, the eye of the fly is very more accurate than the human eye.


      The Kantian would be amazed by the fact that the phenomena of dogs and flies seem to coincide with those of humans. It seems that humans and animals are the same calculations on the experimental time and space .

    That's right: the impression that dogs and flies have no moral problems , and they do not believe in God.


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