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The world that comes in 24 statements.

quetgles | 19 Març, 2015 16:03


           The world that comes in 24 statements.


    The Catalans both the island and the mainland, are still subjected to a barrage of media that are derived from Franco (Franco The oligarchy was not expelled, but continues to maintain control of the apparatus of power). While these media are tools to spread messages of neoliberalism and software Washington and Brussels (Washington, ultimately).
     Of course, the broad masses Spanish are also subject to drift neoliberal Franco (Franco neoliberal: it should be recalled that President Eisenhower landed in Madrid in 1953 to take a picture with General Franco).
   The destruction and chaos caused the current capitalism seriously affects the countries of the European Union, the weakest, in particular.
     Although they have the monopoly of the big media elite capitalists can not avoid the rebellion of the broad working masses (and Syriza We can be in two outstanding examples of this phenomenon).
    Moreover, the mass media show signs of exhaustion. In more and more researchers explicitly social disorder that causes capitalism today, many of which have access to the pages of the neocon press (One notable case is offered daily and close Now 08.03.2015, where the director newspaper, Carles Capdevila interview Na researcher Saskia Sassen, which highlights the phrase The situation is so extreme and say that enough or poor finish all in reference to the European Union. That is, the newspaper contradicts neocon their own ideological line!).

    24 statements, made with the intention of contributing to the advancement of critical thinking among sailors Catalan (As I explained in my writings, it is incongruous that the Catalan independence goes hand in hand with the liberal elite. You can see the post The Catalan separatism quirky extols the Empire.).

      So far, the end Proemio.

    See the statements:

1. In the coming years, continue economic development of China, and in parallel continue deindustrialization of the United States (You can see my writing The US and the UK desindustrialitzen 2. The supreme strategy.).
2. highlight the growth of Chinese high-tech industries since the beginning of the century, China became the first industrial power in the world (so far !: What grace means' 'Western' 'denominated emerging economy. S' should know: China produces and consumes eight times more steel than the US).
3. It will be clear that we are in a new historical cycle. As it had been for millennia, Asia will be the center of the world; and China will be the Middle Empire (For background on the topic, you can download the China Post, civilization vertical (2)).
4. From now on 2020 collapse Yankee empire (The Empire of Chaos, how they baptized). Reduced competitiveness of the industry in the United States, Washington has a growing resource intervention (in the manner of a mafia gang) in the internal affairs of other States. And, at all times, brandishing their military power (the US defense budget surpasses all the budgets of major military powers).
5. Despite the growing US intervention, global multilateralism is increasingly evident. That is not the case that militarism Yankee stop the industrialization process that affects the United States.
6. China pursues a strategy of non-intervention in international politics and not confrontation with the United States. But at the same time, China has deployed its military capacity in parallel to its economic development. The statement does: If China has surpassed the US as an industrial power, is also expected to exceed in relation to the arms industry.
7. China has informed that it has hypersonic missiles, which makes clear that the intention of Washington to get immunity with respect to intercontinental ballistic missiles was a pure illusion.
8. should know: In 2004, according to statistics published in China which was four times more engineers than the United States.
9. It should rotate through the press' 'Western' '(ie,' Corporations neoliberal ''), sock presents China as an emerging economy based industry low quality hand of cheap labor. Turning the sock has said that China, 2015 is the world leader in the number of universities, the number of graduates in science and engineering, the number of centers of scientific and technological research, and the number of high-tech research centers. In relation to these last four statements can see the following websites China performs a successful rehearsal of the WU-14 hypersonic missiles - China RT lanza a prueba intercontinental missiles that could alcanzar US - RT China enters the global race to create fear naves submarine Ultrarrápidas - RT.
10. The forecasts are that China will maintain high growth at around 7% per annum. Therefore, in the next world will be increasingly evident in the failure of neoliberal capitalism.
11. If in 37 years China has gone from underdeveloped country in the first world economic power, we must conclude that the Chinese system (socialism in the Chinese way, created by Deng Xiaoping) is the alternative to capitalism, s has been concluded, according to the logic and pragmatism.
12. The next world is a multilateral world. Not the case established coexistence between two global superpowers as happened between 1945 and 1990. What is now present (and increase its presence in growing) is the appearance on the scene of history large countries where hitherto supposed irrelevant (according to the media '' Western ''). Among these, highlights India, a country that is the third global economy (see IMF website: España y baja in the classification ya solo is the 14th economy in the world | Economics | COUNTRY).
13. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Russia began a very murky; lost superpower status. In 2000, with the arrival of Vladimir Putin's presidency, Russia regained the leading role in world politics. As explained Gorbachev, Putin saved Russia from disintegration. The statement does well: As soon as Russia recovered, was again the axis countries that oppose US policy to establish a world empire.
14. Under the guidance of Putin, Russia became an emerging economy like baptized media corporations. Russia became part of the so-called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), countries that stood out for its high rate of economic growth. The statement: Washington considered a serious threat to the recovery of Russia; here you have all deployed strategic plans in order to destabilize and topple the Russian government in Putin by an orange revolution (revolution type which Washington is addicted).
15. Read the presidency of Putin and Russia's role as the main opposition to US imperialism has determined the growing confrontation of the two countries on the world stage, to the point of being defined, confrontation, as a new Cold War.
16. Currently, Russia is back to compete with the United States in terms of high-tech weapons. In particular, we know that Russia is the second largest arms exporter in the world, following closely in the United States.
17. The apparent contradiction: Although China is the world's largest economy and the first power of the opposition bloc to Yankee imperialism, it leads the blog, but let's leadership in Russia. Explanation: China, although it has the largest defense budget behind the US, and has avoided avoids confrontation with Washington. China continues its policy (initiated in Xiaobing) of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other States.
18. China adheres to the principles of The Art of War by Sun Tzu, treated according to which, in a war, victory is one that achieves the ultimate surrender of the enemy army without going into combat. To consider: If you keep the current rate of growth of military power (China-US), then reach a point that will clear military superiority of China (the US will have to surrender and give up his idea of ​​the empire). You can see the fascinating question of hypersonic underwater; starting from the Chinese coast, the ship would reach the American coast in a few hours; see post Shanghai-San Francisco in 100 minutes. You can also download the web nueva China Striving for military technology.
19. The EU (and NATO) is a creation of Washington to serve the interests of the United States (that statement is supported by many analysts of global geopolitics, Americans included). The statement does well: The European Union, in fact, can not take foreign policy initiatives; here that the European Union has its own policy on the international stage. And on the other hand, as soon as a country becomes a member of the European Union ceases to be particular agent of international politics; that is, it loses its status as a sovereign country.
20. Russia has become the main opponent to the US, I said. But that is not the case now give a revival of the old Moscow-Washington confrontation world that existed in the time of the Soviet Union. The statement: Now really is the power that makes China a crisis strategy of Washington.
21. It would be an error of judgment involved the continuation of a bipolar world where the poles are the US and China. In fact, the hoop as the global multilateral way. Currently, the global stage is not reserved for two (or a few) superpowers. Firstly, Asia has recovered '' central '' world; and, on the other hand, there are few new big countries are decisive when it comes to moving the world. Next BRICS, can cite countries such as Korea, Indonesia (4th most populous country in the world), Turkey, Nigeria, Mexico, Venezuela, Pakistan, Vietnam and other (must remember: Vietnam won war in the US).
22. When understand the deep forces that move the world has highlighted the remarkable case of the emergence of Iran, ancient Persia. Not just because the US President, George W. Bush, described Iran as one of the '' axis of evil '' (the other axis was North Korea). The most notable is that Iran has been able to withstand all the maneuvers of destruction done by the Yankee empire. Even more remarkable is that Iran, in such adverse conditions, has become the first industrial power in the Middle East. And even more surprising is that a world power in high technology (To assess the military capabilities of Iran: Its high technology calls into question the authority of the US Fifth Fleet established in the Persian Gulf. See post The Iran scares the US., or such other place in Iran too Qadir, Anti-ship missile).
23. The European Union is a creation Washington, I said. But one might think that, despite the loss of sovereignty, the states that make up the EU OBTAIN economic security. But everyone saw that it was so, that the EU still unable to get out of the economic crisis affects. The statement: Washington sacrificed their European vassals in its conflict with Moscow.
24. Moreover, contrary to the presumption, the economically weaker countries in South and East of the EU remain helpless under the plundering of financial corporations. We anticipate the revolt of the broad masses of these countries. The EU is built on a false foundation construction, building that collapsed necessarily fall.

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