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Pablo Iglesias, the Spanish Messiah.

quetgles | 05 Gener, 2015 16:23


              Pablo Iglesias, the Spanish Messiah.

         Pablo Iglesias manifests as Messiah to save the people of Spain. It assumes that the Catalans are part of the people of Spain. He stated that Spain is a country of countries (sound familiar?). At the beginning of the meeting in Barcelona (home of the Vall d'Hebron, 21/12/2014), said he felt there as in Vallecas, Madrid neighborhood where he lives. As not going to feel if the screams of the audience, and live, and bracelets with Spanish flag, and communications, and the songs were all in Spanish.
    Iglesias manifests as Messiah, but a patriot Messiah, a Messiah of the Spanish nation.
     Pablo Iglesias is a trickster, characteristic of all the Messiah, as is known.
      The rally in the stadium can Vall d'Hebron, 21.12.2014, Pablo Iglesias made a trickster discourse trickster on end, I think. And paraphernalia around him was willing to cajole.
        Iglesias greeted saying Bon dia, Catalunya. And to close the rally sounded l'Stake Lluís Llach; Also, the Catalan side, Gemma Ubasart, made his speech in Catalan; but otherwise it looked as if the rally was done in Vallecas.

       Iglesias says he is not against "the right to decide" of the Catalans, but his national project (the homeland, which he says) seeks the integration of Catalonia.

      Iglesias said he respected the right to decide for the Catalans, but this implies that you must first start a constituent process. I did: I want that Catalonia becomes independent? No, but I know the Spanish breed has insulted the Catalans. Iglesias makes as if the issue to be resolved was not to offend the Catalans, be respectful of the Catalan language and culture. Go! It's all about good manners.
     As expected, Iglesias explained his idea of 'the right to decide' 'saying right to decide: clear. But this implies the right to decide everything. For example, the law does not allow chasing people who can not afford a mortgage. Pursuing evaders. And so you have to open a constituent process to open doors and windows, which open the locks. Spain is a country of countries. Some want to make political building walls, we prefer to build bridges. He added: You know what the sovereignty? It means that the people's representatives do not represent investment funds, which represent the people.

      Iglesias says yes to '' right to choose '' (A yes formal), but in no event recognizes the right of Catalonia to self-determination. As is clear from the text, the right to decide Catalans on independence is linked to the right to decide on all things and that this requires a constitutional process, ie a new constitution. The Spanish Messiah proclaims the right of the people (Spanish) to a new Spanish Constitution.
      Making the translation of the proclamation follows: The Catalans have the right to decide once you have got the right to decide the Spanish people, the whole Spanish people (together, the Catalans part, according to him).
     The Spanish Messiah stated above leftist parties; states that can is the people, the people, the social majority. So he said: The power does not fear the left, the government fears the people, afraid of people. This game divides the political chessboard only serves to win banking, to win them, but there is a social majority are many more than the above, and have these fearful. So, as the Messiah, can represent the Spanish social majority.

      El Salvador Messiah left out of the temple CIU (contaminated by a corrupt Pujol had an account in Andorra).
     Pablo Iglesias carefully avoids any reference to the demand for Catalan independence of the wide masses. And, in turn, acts as if unaware that Artur Mas (President of the Generalitat) was the promoter consultation 9N. Pretends to ignore the 2,350,000 Catalans who went to vote, despite the difficulties and threats of the Spanish government.
      Some want to make political building walls, we prefer to build bridges, Iglesias said. The Catalan independence was summarized in a simple '' some want to build walls ''. In contrast to the narrowness of these few, the Messiah displays your open and bright mood.

   Mas Iglesias compares with Aguirre, the former president of the Community of Madrid, and says his time is up.


       While CUP sent a letter to leader can friendly greeting, the Messiah nailed a low blow to David Fernández saying he would never hug with Mas, what he did Fernández 9N.


''I want that Catalonia becomes independent? No, but I know the Spanish breed has insulted the Catalans'', the leader can say, as if the Catalans were upset because of the bad manners of the Spanish breed.

        .. "Let's talk about Catalonia Catalonia Talk is talk that La Caixa has distributed 3.4 million to politicians is talking about cuts health record'', said the leader, as this is not the case that the Spanish government despoil the Catalans, but those in charge of plunder would be the Caixa and the government of the Generalitat, go ie, the leader of Vallecas not see the cuts imposed by the central government, Iglesias, like the rest! Spanish leaders denounce saves biased Spanish depositor system, a system that stifles the economy of the Principality of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic.

     (Note: The Power Spanish, at all times, with suicidal spirit is hindering economic development of Catalonia, ie, pillaged and intentionally disrupts.).

     According to the Messiah, the evils of Catalonia come from the governments of CiU. The CIU (like Jordi Pujol) have the country's money, are false patriots who cheat the Catalan people. It seems that this Pied Piper, to the tune of can, do the math behind it to attract the Catalans now deceived by false patriots.

      The leader can ended the speech by comparing the government of the community of Madrid with the Government of Catalonia. So he said: (The Catalan) Reminds me of the Madrid de Esperanza Aguirre. From here a message to them. Repeat after me: 'Your time is up'.

       We must assume that Iglesias is a bit deaf and almost blind Messiah. Iglesias do not realize that the locals are all available free to go to different parts of the state highways, and the Catalans, however, they have are toll roads. Neither realizes, the leader, the Catalans over thirty who are waiting for the construction of the railway line the Mediterranean Corridor to exit from drowning by a lack of modern transportation ago.

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